Join the Lab

The lab is now open in the Department of Biological Structure, with a co-appointment as participating faculty in The UW Center of Excellence in Neurobiology of Addiction, Pain, and Emotion (NAPE).

We are currently accepting applications for Graduate Students and undergraduate Research Assistants. 


A quick note on Laboratory Philosophy

A lab is first and foremost about the people in it. I strive to create a scientific community where diverse ideas and opinions are the norm rather than the exception, and where every individual is regularly challenged to push further than the day before - while knowing there is a solid support network to fall back on. My hope is this environment will foster dynamic and rewarding research directions, which the lab will support through exceptional access to cutting-edge techniques, methods and resources. My goal is to put each lab member in the best position to further their career aspirations, whether those are within academia, industry, or other. We are looking for collaboratively-minded, socially-engaged, and diversely-experienced scientists to join our community. 

Thy1-GPF (green) and c-Fos (red) captured via LSFM following iDISCO+.

Postdoctoral Associates and Fellows

At this time, we are only excepting Postdoctoral Fellows that can provide their own funding. When new position become available, they will be posted here.

If you are interested in a Postdoctoral position, please e-mail  ( a cover letter briefly describing your past and present research, how you would like to adapt your future research directions in the Golden lab, and your career goals. Please attach a copy of your CV and the names and e-mails of three references. These references are encouraged to include at least one individual who you have mentored in a lab setting.  

Our research is multidisciplinary in nature, and individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. A computational and/or engineering background is especially encouraged.  A basic understanding, or willingness to learn, R/Python/Matlab are required. These skills will be useful in numerous ongoing projects that include:

  • Developing novel behavioral models and apparatus for complex social behavior

  • Brain clearing, whole-mount immunohistochemistry and imaging with light-sheet fluorescent microscopy

  • Single-cell (Miniscope) and population-based (photometry) calcium imaging in freely behaving mice

  • Wireless optogenetic and chemogenetic manipulation of cell-type and circuit-specific neuronal populations

Or perhaps something new that you hope to bring to the lab. All options are on the table.

c-Fos IHC in a hemisphere of mouse brain, scanned with LSFM and rendered in Arivis.

LAB Manager / Research Technician 

At this time, we are not accepting applications for Lab Manager positions.

We are currently accepting applications for a Lab Manager position.  The ideal candidate will have an enthusiasm and curiosity for science that translates into excellent communication skills, and a willingness to participate (or even lead) projects within the lab. This will be in conjunction with maintenance of day-to-day operations, which include:

  • Procurement and organization of lab supplies

  • Aid in the set-up of major lab equipment (microscopes, various electronics, 3D printing, etc)

  • Transgenic and wild-type mice colony management

  • Maintenance of vivarium and bench lab spaces

  • Assistance with writing and maintaining lab protocols, licenses and website.

Priority will be given to individuals with prior mouse colony experience, and/or 2+ year commitments. Please e-mail ( a cover letter that details why you would like to work in a lab, and how this experience will help you achieve your future career goals. Attach a CV with names and e-mails of three references.  

3D rendering for c-Fos positive nuclei across a whole brain using Wholebrain pipeline.

UW Graduate Students

If you are currently enrolled at UW as a graduate student, simply email me ( and we will schedule a time to speak via Skype, or at the Departmental Retreat this coming September. Please do not hesitate to contact me ( prior to the official opening of the lab if  you are interested. 

Priority will be given to students who show enthusiasm, curiosity and initiative - we can train you on most of the rest! Your graduate research experience will be aided by a background in computational approaches, but this is not required prior to starting. There are many exciting projects planned for the lab, and we will find the best fit for your particular combination of interest, skill and career plans.

If you are interested in a graduate student position but not yet enrolled at UW please look into the UW Graduate Program in Neuroscience, which is composed of both the School of Medicine and College of Arts and Science.


c-Fos IHC in rat mPFC.

UW UnderGraduate Students

We are always on the lookout for exceptionally motivated undergraduate students looking to gain experience in the lab. If you are interested, please e-mail me ( a CV and cover letter stating why you would like to work our lab, what your previous experience is (but none is required!), and what your goal is for the undergraduate research experience. Lastly, please include the number of hours per week you are willing to commit to lab.

There are a number of projects within the lab that undergraduates can assist with, ranging from:

  • Running behavioral tasks

  • Assisting in the analysis of big data

  • Assisting with surgical procedures

  • Assisting with molecular procedures

Depending on the maturity, commitment and dependability of applicants, individual projects may also be available.